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September analysis

14 October 2021|

September analysis September turned out to be a negative month for the main global financial markets. Higher interest rates and concerns about the constant increase in the price of raw materials, especially energy supply costs, have brought uncertainty back to the stock markets. In America, after reaching a new high at the beginning of the month, the S&P500 index fell by 4.80%. Same trend for the Nasdaq which dropped 5.60%, recording the largest monthly loss since March 2020. Same story in Europe, with Euro Stoxx 50 index down 4.20%. Slightly better Italian FTSE MIB index -1.90%. Bad also German [...]

August analysis

14 October 2021|

The main stock markets closed the month of August on an uptrend, despite some not-so-positive news such as fears over the spread of the Delta variant, the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan by the United States (with all that it entailed) and the hurricane IDA that hit the United States. In America, the SP500 index closed the month up 3.09%, leading to 7 months of consecutive rises, for a yearly performance of approx. 20%. Nasdaq also performed well, approx. +3.94%, recording the third best monthly increase of the year. Positive trend also in Europe with the EuroStoxx index that marks [...]

July analysis

10 August 2021|

The overall performance for the month of July was positive for developed market indices, with increased volatility in the second half of the month. The uncertainty seen is due to the following factors: - The return of concerns about the spread of the Delta variant in many countries. - Inflation pressures due to lack of manpower, chips, timber and other materials. - The radical regulatory overhaul by the Chinese government against various sectors such as internet platforms, education and real estate. The evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic probably remains the biggest concern; however, one must be aware that the evolution [...]

June analysis

6 July 2021|

With the month of June, the first half of 2021 was close. In this second quarter, equities experienced a good time and this was mainly due to the fact that vaccination campaigns continued to accelerate in most developed economies, especially in Europe which is catching up with the UK and US. This has led governments to loosen restrictions to Covid 19 and as a result, activity levels have increased. As a result, economic data over the past 3 months has generally been very good, especially in the US where there was an annualized growth rate of 6.4% in the first [...]

May analysis

17 June 2021|

May was a month marked by concerns related to a possible rise in inflation and implications for Federal Reserve policy. However, confidence has increased, especially thanks to indications that the central bank would stay on course. Major equity indices rose while bond yields remained stable. Volatility, present at the beginning of the month, decreased. Markets began to recover as inflation concerns eased and expectations returned to pre-pandemic 2020 levels. The US SP500 index gained slightly, closing the month with an increase of 0.55%, slightly exceeding the peak reached at the end of April. On the other hand, the Nasdaq index [...]

April analysis

7 May 2021|

April passed in review as a positive month for the financial markets. The growth in equity markets was driven by the favourable economic outlook. Better management of the pandemic, with a global trend towards reopening business, will lead to growth in the global economy as a whole. The quarterly results published so far are proof of this, with companies benefiting from a significant increase in turnover and profits. With a strengthening macroeconomic scenario and rising corporate profits, it is likely that the optimistic trend will continue in the coming months. However, as always, when sentiment is generally positive and there [...]

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