STELINVEST SA is an independent Asset Manager and Multi-Family Office founded in 2004 in Chiasso (Switzerland) with the intent to offer an up-to-date financial advice, the search of the optimal solution and a significant added value to each individual client.

Licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to provide services as an Asset Manager and affiliated to the Swiss limited corporation for supervision (AOOS). It is also members of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (VSV-ASG).

STELINVEST SA employees have a long experience in Asset Management and the knowledge to define highly customized solutions considering the risk appetite and the target of each individual client, focusing on the optimization of the Asset Management result. The company’s streamlined and transparent structure enables it to put the client at the center of its interest, so as to focus exclusively on the preferences and needs of the individual, offering a wide range of global investment strategies focused on performance.

Over the years, STELINVEST SA, by enhancing its concept of Private Banking and adapting it to the numerous regulatory changes and the different needs of local and international clients, has been able to carve out an important role for itself in the local financial sector. All this without losing sight of one important concept: safeguarding client’s assets and making them grow over time!

“The key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economoy; the key factor is your philosophy.”

Jim Rohn, American Businessman


With a team of professionals with top-flight multidisciplinary experience, strong relationships with national and international partners, no conflicts of interest and a long-term track record. Over the years, STELINVEST SA has been able to increase its managed assets by creating a business model based on customized solutions with high added value that correspond to each client’s specific needs and risk profile.

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STELINVEST SA offers customized financial consulting services whilst respecting the needs of each individual client in accordance with the regulations in force for independent asset managers. with the clear objective of ensuring asset growth and the well-being of our clients and their descendants over time.

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STELINVEST SA maintains relations with leading Swiss and international banking institutions.

The company also makes use of a network of external specialists with proven experience who are able to assist clients in finding the optimal solution in tax, commercial and administrative matters.

“It is and immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality”

Harold Geneen, american businessman


October 2022 analysis

10 November 2022|

Major stock indices posted a broad recovery during October despite the absence of particularly positive news from the Ukrainian war and inflation fronts. The European Central Bank raised rates by an additional 75 basis points to 2% in an attempt to contain inflation now above 10%, but this did not provoke negative reactions in the markets. This is because the move was widely expected and secondly, because President Christine Lagarde stated that the potential impact of a recession on inflation will be a key variable in upcoming decisions. The U.S. Central Bank's statements also remain tight-lipped by projecting further [...]

September 2022 analysis

8 October 2022|

The financial and capital markets are not finding peace even for the month of September and recorded one of the worst months in recent history. The sharp rise in rates led to a valuation adjustment in almost all asset classes. As a result of the inflationary threat, major central banks around the world, after a long period of negative rates and quantitative easing, have starded and continue to apply restrictive monetary policies to counter this phenomenon. The FED raised its benchmark rate to 3.25%, with a latest increase of 0.75% at its last meeting in September, declaring that it [...]

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