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April analysis

7 May 2021|

April passed in review as a positive month for the financial markets. The growth in equity markets was driven by the favourable economic outlook. Better management of the pandemic, with a global trend towards reopening business, will lead to growth in the global economy as a whole. The quarterly results published so far are proof of this, with companies benefiting from a significant increase in turnover and profits. With a strengthening macroeconomic scenario and rising corporate profits, it is likely that the optimistic trend will continue in the coming months. However, as always, when sentiment is generally positive and there [...]

March analysis

12 April 2021|

The rise in US long-term bonds yields continued in March, with the 10-year treasury rising to around 1.75%, approaching the 2% observation threshold set by the FED. At its March meeting, the FED maintained its position by confirming monetary policy and keeping reference rates unchanged. This movement also continued on European and Swiss government yields, although less markedly. The reasons for the upward trend in dollar bond yields are linked to the prospect of an improvement in macroeconomic data and a positive development in the health situation. In fact, President Biden announced that he had reached his goal of 100 [...]

February analysis

5 March 2021|

Market dynamics in February were marked by strong volatility, especially in the last week of trading, which wiped out much of the monthly performance. All because of the prospect of faster than expected inflation growth. This expectation increased investors' fears that central banks will have to tighten monetary policy measures sooner than expected, which has led to a sharp sell off on government bonds and a rise in the yield on the 10-year US Treasury. In the United States, where the economy is recovering, the 5-year breakeven inflation rate, a rate that is an indicator of market expectations for [...]

Sustainable Investments – ESG

28 January 2021|

Sustainable Investments - ESG   Over the last few years, new forms of investment have emerged which, in addition to pursuing financial objectives, like traditional investments, take into due consideration criteria relating to environmental, social and governance issues, the so-called ESG criteria. The acronym ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It is now a  widely used concept that allows to judge whether an investment can be considered responsible or not. Nowadays, purely financial aspects are no longer sufficient for an all-round assessment of a company. Compliance with ESG standards has become, therefore, an important part of providing a [...]

December analysis

21 January 2021|

The year 2020 will be remembered as a horrible year. The Coronavirus pandemic claimed over 1.8 million lives globally. The economy was hit hard causing an economic slump not seen since World War II. Financial markets experienced one of the most volatile periods ever, with a bear market at the beginning of the year followed by a strong recovery. The plans launched by various governments and central banks have been massive. Bailout packages, fiscal stimuli and expansive monetary policies managed to contain the March-April slump. To this must be added the rapid development of anti-coronavirus vaccines, which has strengthened investors' [...]

November analysis

7 December 2020|

The past month was a record month for stock markets, with the main global indices posted increases not seen in several years with overall gains exceeding 10%. The main player was the old continent with the Euro Stoxx 50 index which recorded an increase of 18% where the peripheral indices of Spain, France and Italy stood out with returns of over 20% for the month. Also in US excellent gains were recorded with the S&P 500 index up 10.75% and Nasdaq up 11.8%, the best month since April 2020. Good also Dow Jones +11.8% best monthly increase since 1987. The [...]

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