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December analysis

21 January 2021|

The year 2020 will be remembered as a horrible year. The Coronavirus pandemic claimed over 1.8 million lives globally. The economy was hit hard causing an economic slump not seen since World War II. Financial markets experienced one of the most volatile periods ever, with a bear market at the beginning of the year followed by a strong recovery. The plans launched by various governments and central banks have been massive. Bailout packages, fiscal stimuli and expansive monetary policies managed to contain the March-April slump. To this must be added the rapid development of anti-coronavirus vaccines, which has strengthened investors' [...]

November analysis

7 December 2020|

The past month was a record month for stock markets, with the main global indices posted increases not seen in several years with overall gains exceeding 10%. The main player was the old continent with the Euro Stoxx 50 index which recorded an increase of 18% where the peripheral indices of Spain, France and Italy stood out with returns of over 20% for the month. Also in US excellent gains were recorded with the S&P 500 index up 10.75% and Nasdaq up 11.8%, the best month since April 2020. Good also Dow Jones +11.8% best monthly increase since 1987. The [...]

Has gold lost its shine?

30 November 2020|

The price of gold has undergone a sharp correction in the last few days, bringing the price of the yellow metal to around USD 1,800 per ounce. This despite the low interest rates and the continuing substantial dollar’s weakness. The reason is mainly to be found in the prospect of a positive scenario for 2021 that is emerging. This relative positivity is due to several factors such as: progress on vaccines for COVID-19, which could change the fate of the largest pandemic in history; the green light for the handover in the White House, with the establishment of Joe Biden [...]

US elections: What could Biden’s victory mean for the United States and the whole world?

20 November 2020|

After a tight battle at the last vote, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden won, amid Trump's controversy over alleged electoral fraud. In this article we will predict the impact that his arrival at the White House may have on domestic and international politics. COVID-19. A new approach Let's start with the most topical and actual issue, the one that perhaps marked Biden's victory, the management of the pandemic. In terms of health, Biden's approach, as has already demonstrated throughout the electoral campaign, will be more orderly and organized than Trump's approach. There could be greater coordination at the federal level, [...]

October analysis

11 November 2020|

October was negative for stock markets with the US SP500 index, which lost about 3% while the European Euro Stoxx 50 was down by 4%. The German DAX index, which loses almost 10%, is particularly weak. Declines that have not spared even the swiss SMI index downwards by approx. 6%. It has weighed the worsening health situation, with consequent restrictive measures, especially in Europe, and the uncertainty surrounding the American election result, even though to date after the proclaimed victory of Biden there has been a very positive reaction, which has also been driven by the news of the Covid-19 [...]

September analysis

25 September 2020|

The month of September was marked by increased volatility within the financial markets. At the beginning of September, after reaching new highs, US indices lost momentum; S&P 500 fell by -10% while the Nasdaq by -11.8% essentially due to the decline in technology stocks. Despite the recent losses, the S&P 500 is still at the level of eight week ago. In Europe and Asia, there has been a decline, more limited, of around -3% and -5%. The SMI, thanks to its defensive propensity, has remained almost unchanged. These decreases are essentially due to some already known factors, such as: [...]

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