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Currently in our country, the Wealth Manager plays an increasingly important role if we consider that 10% of private fortune is managed by the latter so as to make its presence indispensable in the world of wealth management.

Earning people’s esteem is very difficult: it is necessary to create an atmosphere of absolute trust, fairness, balance and objectivity, all in the full interest of the interlocutors. Our job is to provide the customer with all possible information so that he is aware of making the right financial decisions with the utmost confidence and security.

For us this means knowing how to listen carefully and analyze in depth the individual needs and objectives.

Operationally we offer our customers an efficient and effective management approach, through the stipulation of an asset management mandate in which the investment strategy most suited to the objectives and risk appetite of each individual customer is established.

The individual portfolio management service contains high added value, eliminating the conflict of interest as each actor plays a specific role:


  • Has complete freedom to choose the banking institution where his or her assets are deposited
  • Confers Stelinvest the mandate to manage his or her assets. The client’s investment strategy, risk profile and any special instructions will be clearly laid out in this mandate.


  • Will be charged with the client portfolio asset management in accordance with the terms of the mandate signed with the client.
  • Will operate in total neutrality and independence from any other player in the financial market, selecting only those options that are most appropriate for achieving the client’s financial objectives.
  • Will, through proven risk management tools, continuously assess the performance of individual investments and implement strategies aligned with financial market evolution.
  • Will report on the asset management performance as agreed with the client.
  • Will give operational orders to the custodian banks and check that these have been correctly and promptly executed in accordance with the agreed conditions.


  • Will safeguard the client’s assets. The client will be the only person authorized to deposit or withdraw money from his or her account.
  • Will credit STELINVEST, as an external asset manager administering its clients’ assets, only after a careful due diligence process.
  • Upon request, will offer the client the possibility to check their financial positions and the asset manager’s actions at any time through a dedicated consultant or through the “internet home banking” option.

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